Para-kin dating anywhere between admirers and idols: an effective qualitative research from admirers’ motivations for purchasing idol-dolls


The objective of this research is always to glance at just how “mom fans” influence on the current designs off parasocial relationship anywhere between admirers and idols and also to get higher knowledge into the motives underlying new acquisition of idol dolls. At the same time, by like the skills and point of views of men idol fans, the research seeks to increase the new comprehension of partner behavior and you may increase knowledge of the latest reasons riding idol-doll practices.


Providing idol-doll consumers since research objects, this study used textual data along with-depth interview to understand more about fans’ motives for purchasing idol dolls.


Idol doll requests was determined of the emotional connection, such among mommy fans whom seek to introduce a feeling of handle and continue maintaining a parent–child relationships. As well, to purchase idol dolls also can serve as an excellent disguise getting girlfriend admirers to cover up their intimate dreams regarding their idols. Additionally, idol dolls serve as semiotic identifiers, drawing instance-inclined admirers and wearing community identification. It needs to be noted you to men idol fans, that happen to be experienced deviant throughout the male normative, face scrutiny in the women-ruled communities, trying sexigaste guatemalan-flickor to find subsequent proof authenticity.

Simple effects

This research produces knowing the motives behind idol-toy instructions and certainly will assist advertisers inside providing to your emotional need out-of admirers, eg mother admirers, from the designing and you may business dolls one resonate due to their desired sense out of attachment.

Personal ramifications

By acknowledging and you will focusing on the positive areas of partner products, this study leads to the fresh new lingering process of de–demonization and you will normalization of fandom. At exactly the same time, this research including tries in order to sign up for a far more total understanding of your own problems and you will mental requires of your own Chinese younger age bracket.

Originality/worthy of

This research explores the significantly less than-explored mom-lover group’s mental means in addition to their reasons of purchasing idol-dolls. Moreover it recognizes the brand new collection of point of views and you can enjoy out of men idol admirers, bringing another and book viewpoint with the idol-doll use.

step 1 Inclusion

” tabindex=”0″> based on celebrities’ looks have been offered due to the fact another mode to own Chinese fans to generally share their strong passion due to their dear idols, resulting in the production of a separate Chinese fandom people. Into Weibo (perhaps one of the most common social network programs when you look at the China), the online people having idol-doll-founders, buyers, and you will idol admirers presently has accumulated over 460,000 followers and that’s highly feminine-reigned over. On this subject platform, it is common enthusiasts, who’s a vast collection of idol dolls, to post adorable pictures and you can share their knowledge from inside the dressing and using makeup on their “newborns.” According to the most recent individual statement, one of several idol-toy members, the newest blog post-2000 age group means the greatest proportion, getting together with 43 %, followed by the blog post-1995 age group positions second, which have a proportion in the twenty-six % (“2021 Cotton Doll Professionals Belief Report” 2021). Ergo, Age bracket Z, individuals, individuals born between your later 1990s while the very early 2010s (Priporas et al. 2020), actively activates having idol-doll instructions using entertaining social media programs.

Regarding era out of participatory fandom and you may enthusiast cost savings, fans’ application choices and their perceived experience of idols are particularly victims of educational look. How fans relate to stars might have been recognized as parasocial interaction-the brand new nonreciprocal, imaginary telecommunications anywhere between admirers and you can news personae (Liebers and you can Schramm 2019; Yan and you may Yang 2021). Nowadays, fans definitely getting into the latest parasocial dating fantasize about an almost kinship with idols, so long as they might control, or at least provides a noticeable amount of affect their idols. Towards the Chinese social network, there’s a development where fans, specifically females, relate to by themselves once the idols’ moms and dads, aunts, otherwise sisters. While early in the day research has commonly checked parasocial relationship according to heterosexual norms and you may fans’ romantic hopes and dreams on the idols (i.elizabeth., “girlfriend/partner admirers” off idols), absolutely nothing could have been known on the “mom fans”,“Mommy fans,” reference admirers (typically women admirers) who’re co-cultivating idols/a-listers as his or her elderly female loved ones. They say themselves while the mother of your idol and they are indulgent in order to idols, getting all of them as the attractive, innocent high school students who need its additional care (Yan and you may Yang 2021).